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DILM/DILH power contactors

The DILM and DILH contactors of the Eaton Moeller series are specifically designed for very high current ranges from 185 A to 2,600 A. With their electronically controlled drives, compact size and long service life, the contactors make for a reliable component in any machine and system.SUITABLE FOR GLOBAL USE:UL, CSA, CCC, GL, DNV.

Core features

  • Utilization category AC 1 and AC 3
  • Suitable for up to 1,000 V
  • AC/DC wide-range coil
  • Low holding power
  • Compact size
  • Auxiliary contacts: two NO, two NC
DILH600 and DILH800 contactors – optimised for application-specific use

Our DILH600 and DILH800 contactors stand out for their high level of technical performance in specific applications. These include: the disconnection of local grids, the operation of converter-controlled drives, conducting inductive and capacitive currents without switching them and the galvanic isolation of system parts if inverters/converters are used. The contactors are designed for rated operating currents of up to 1,050 A (AC-1) and are therefore ideal for use in renewable energy applications or uninterruptible power supplies.

Contactors from 185 A to 225 A

The contactors from 185 A to 225 A stand out for their compact size and their reduced holding power. The range coils are equipped with an integrated suppressor circuit and four auxiliary contacts as standard: two NO and two NC

Contactors from 250 A to 2,600 A - the standard version

The holding power of the contactors is process-controlled, which causes significantly less heating inside the switch cabinet. In addition, this optimization of the contact forces also contributes to a longer service life of the switching contacts. The suppressor circuit is already built in, as are the two NO contacts, the two NC contacts and the auxiliary contacts.

Contactors from 250 A to 2,600 A - the comfort version

Thanks to its low pull-in power, the comfort version of the contactors facilitates the implementation of smaller control transformers. The AC/DC wide-range coil comes with a high voltage range, and the contactors can also be controlled directly from a PLC.

DILM 580 A - 1400 A contactors

The vacuum technology allows for the implementation of a compact design, as it prevents the formation of open arcs and thus the release of any switching gases. As such, a tighter arrangement of the switchgear is possible, and the distances to conductive structures can be smaller than would otherwise be the case.

DILM 1600 & DILH 2000-2600 double contactors

DILM7 Series DILM40 Series DILM170 Series DILM580 Series
DILM9 Series DILM50 Series DILM185 Series DILM750 Series
DILM12 Series DILM65 Series DILM225 Series DILM820 Series
DILM15 Series DILM72 Series DILM250 Series DILM1000 Series
DILM17 Series DILM80 Series DILM300 Series DILM1400 Series
DILM25 Series DILM95 Series DILM400 Series DILM2000 Series
DILM32 Series DILM115 Series DILM500 Series DILM2600 Series
DILM38 Series DILM150 Series DILM650 Series

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