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Eaton is one of the important fields of new railway locomotive infrastructure Apr 12

Rail transit is one of the important areas of new infrastructure

It is estimated that by 2025, the total operating mileage of urban rail transit will exceed 15,000 kilometers, becoming a key factor supporting the development of regionally integrated economics. According to data from the Ministry of Transport, urban rail transit will carry an average of nearly 65 million trips per day in 2021. Faced with such a huge passenger flow, as well as problems such as improper operation of the power supply system, high power supply pressure, poor power quality, and difficulty in operation and maintenance, how can urban rail transit ensure people's travel safety and comfortable experience? Eaton, as a global intelligent power management company, has been deeply involved in the rail transit industry for decades, has insight into the pain points of the industry, and has rich application practices and perfect intelligent operation and maintenance solutions.

1. Complex and diverse application scenarios The urban rail transit industry has complex and diverse application scenarios. From train operation to environmental control systems, as well as terminal equipment such as screen doors, different levels of load have different demands on low-voltage power distribution systems.

At the same time, in the subway low-voltage power distribution system, a large number of nonlinear loads such as elevators, air conditioners, and lighting will generate harmonic current pollution, which will lead to the deterioration of power supply quality and bring hidden dangers to the safe operation of stations.

Q: How to ensure continuous and reliable power supply for primary, secondary and tertiary loads and improve power quality?

2. Harsh operating environment In a semi-enclosed underground space such as a subway station, the train vibrates constantly, dust from the air-conditioning system, and a large number of metal dust particles generated by the friction between the train and the rails, suspended in the air, coupled with inevitable factors such as humidity, harsh and harsh The application environment requires the power supply and distribution system equipment to have a certain degree of protection.

Q: How to select low-voltage power distribution equipment in harsh environments?

3. The challenge of intelligent site upgrade

With the upgrade of intelligent sites, the requirements for site carrying become more complex. The demand for power distribution equipment not only needs to be reflected in security and stability, but also needs to be realized by collecting real-time data, centralized management, decentralized control and other functions. refined management and efficient operation and maintenance.

However, in the traditional low-voltage power distribution system, due to the low degree of intelligence, many electrical components with a single function use point-to-point monitoring methods, and the number of wiring is large and complex, which reduces the reliability of the system and cannot realize the control of the power distribution circuit. Online monitoring, measurement, self-diagnosis, fault alarm and early warning increase the difficulty of on-site inspection for operation and maintenance personnel.

Q: How to simplify the electrical structure with intelligent operation and maintenance to realize asset health management and predictive operation and maintenance?

Insight into future trends with wisdom

In the process of urban rail transit construction developing towards high efficiency and intelligence, Eaton has built an intelligent operation and maintenance method through the full life cycle thinking centered on "data collection, intelligent analysis, and predictive maintenance", combined with low-voltage intelligent power distribution software. And it has been successfully applied to the upcoming xEnergy intelligent low-voltage cabinet to better protect the stable operation of the motors of trains and various related equipment in the urban rail transit industry, and help the intelligent transformation of urban rail transit.

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